CONTACT Show Immersive Experience
CONTACT Show Immersive Experience

Production Team



CONTACT The Show gets 4 stars from The Guardian (UK)

"Both Surprising and REvolutionary!"

– Regarde En Coulisse (Paris)

Aoife Kennan


Richard Heap


Samuel Sené

Concept + Direction

Gabrielle Jourdain

Original Idea

Eric Chantelauze


Cyril Barbessol

Music + Sound design

Hanna Lasserre

Dramaturgy Consulting

Jean-Philippe Marie de Chastenay

Quentin Bruno

English Adaptation

Katy Lipson

Co-Producer + Licenser Contact UK

Mathilde Moulin

General Management Contact UK

Charles Roy

Resident Director Canada

Alexandra Forth

General Manager Canada

Jackie English*

Toronto Stage Manager

Robert Yeretch*

Toronto Stage Manager

Robert Yeretch

Toronto Stage Manager
Insert ...

Tamara Protic*

Ottawa Stage Manager
Valerie Bonasso

Valerie Bonasso

Windsor Stage Manager
The Participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance Opera Theatre Policy (DOT)

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